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Cancellation & Refund Policy



Note: Since the Airline Programs cannot be canceled by the airline, the reservation cannot be canceled or refunded.


1- The travel agency may cancel the trip 3 days before the departure date due to the fact that the required number of passengers is not registered or due to force majeure, in which case the consumer has no right to compensation.


2- a- In case the consumer requests cancellation-change until 30 days before the start of the trip, the entire fee is refunded. In the event that the consumer requests a cancellation-change 29-21 days before the start of the trip for a reason other than the fact that the Reservation is documented by an official report to be obtained from a full-fledged state hospital, the consumer or his/her first-degree relatives' illness and death that hinder their habitual occupation for 10 days, 35% of the trip cost will be charged. It agrees and undertakes to pay the full amount to WORLD FJM TRAVEL AGENCY, if less than 20 days remain.


b- If the consumer wishes to cancel the Early Booking Discounted Product purchased during the discounted sale period for any reason, he/she agrees and undertakes to pay the entire trip cost to WORLD FJM TRAVEL AGENCY.


c- Guests who have an early reservation insurance have the right to cancel their hotel reservations 72 hours before the check-in day. The insurance is not canceled and the premium is not refunded. Out-of-scope cases; War or warlike movements, revolutions, rebellions, uprisings and similar situations arising from internal turmoil, terrorist incidents, epidemics and widespread diseases, earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions, landslides, natural disasters.


d- For the guests and reservations who do not have EARLY BOOKING INSURANCE, clause (b) in the CANCELLATION-DISCLAIMER-CHANGE contract terms is valid.


e-Consumer; If, for any reason, he wishes to change the date of the discounted early reservation product he has purchased during the discounted sale period, he agrees that the reservation will be changed without any discount at the list prices valid on the date of the request.


3- If the consumer does not notify in writing that he will participate in the trip, which he missed the beginning of, the travel agency has the right to cancel all reservations made on behalf of the consumer after 24 hours. No refund will be made to the consumer for such cancellations.


4- Force majeure: If adverse weather conditions, road obstruction, strike, terrorism, war, possibility of war, unpredictable technical issues prevent the start or continuation of the tour, it is considered as force majeure by the parties. Illnesses and/or death of the passenger or his/her first-degree relatives that hinder their habitual occupation for 10 days are also force majeure.


5- The travel agency may partially or completely cancel the tours announced or registered, up to 7 days before the start of the trip, when it deems necessary. Within the same period, the name of the hotel within the scope of the trip, transportation vehicles and their places of departure, the order of visits of the places specified in the program and shown as places to visit can be changed. If the consumer does not accept these changes and cancellations, he has the right to cancel the reservation and get a full refund of the price paid. In this case, the consumer has the right to compensation.